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First Place Poetry Winner, 2014 Sachse, Tx Library 

First Place Poetry Winner, 2014 Rowlett, Tx Library 

Going Home

Pitted, pasty, wasted

Fat, flabby, saggy

Bumpy, lumpy, grumpy

Lines, wrinkles, crinkles

Aged, old, curmudgeon, crone

Endless stories, on and on.

Gray and white flyaway wisps.

Double chins and thinning lips.

Giant print, nose on page

Squint to see through cloudy haze.

Mouth turned down, drooping, drooling.

Oatmeal, soup, tapioca pudding.

Partial plates, molars missing.

Gnarled and swollen fingers twisting.

Tottering, limping, shuffling about

Hips are broken, knees give out.

Ringing, whispers, distorted sound

Words no longer clear or loud.

Pain, chronic, swallow tablets

Visit doctors, form new habits.

Muddled thoughts, confusion, fear.

Mind slipping, darkness near.

Strength ebbing, almost dead

But only hope, no fear or dread.

My body lowered in the grave.

A last good-bye unseen I wave.

Forever always, near the Throne.

Brand new body, brand new home.

On the cross His life He gave.

My sins He took my soul to save.

No more time is left to measure.

But joy and peace, eternal pleasure.  

Family and friends, Peter and Paul

Disciples, apostles, patriarchs, all.

Through the Veil, I’ve finally passed

True life, now mine; I’m home, at last.



A year after I won the contests I wrote the following sequel:

If, indeed, you believe it's true,

Then tell me how you know.

Why should heaven’s pearly gates

Open wide for you?

Because, I say in joyful reply,

I accepted the grace He gave.

It’s not what I’ve done

But through faith in the Son,

His blood on the cross for my sins.

These are the keys for all who believe

to open the doors and walk in.


He freely gave, so freely receive,

Turn from your sins and live.

He’s shown you the way; it’s all in His word.

Just do as  I have done:

Love one another as He has loved you.

Trust Him, believe Him, obey Him and learn.

Your journey on earth is long and hard

He’ll be there to comfort and guide.

When your earth days are over, your true life begins,

Love, joy, and pleasure that never ends.


His Arms of Love are still open wide

Still beckoning you to follow.

Come now, I beg, and surrender,

Give Him your heart, before it’s too late.

Don’t wait until tomorrow.