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July 10, 2018




I know you parents and grandparents take photos and videos of your children and grandchildren. I hope you are writing down (paper or computer) all the cute, funny, and smart things they say and do. Just take notes for now, don’t worry about the quality of writing.

     If you don’t keep a record of some sort, you will forget a lot. I know you think you’ll remember because, how could you forget the clever things little Johnny says?

     Memories slip away unnoticed as the aging process creeps along. I read my journal entries from ten years ago and find many that are now unfamiliar events and conversations. Fortunately, I took the time back then to write much of everyday life with the grandkids. Some notes are in spirals and some stored in the computer. Now, the grown and almost grown grandchildren love to hear about the things they did and said as youngsters.

            I’ve taken my record-keeping a bit further and compiled fictionalized devotional vignettes called The Royal Family. The names and some ‘facts’ have been changed when necessary. Before I spend more time and effort on this project I would like your opinion. There is a page on this site called “Your Opinion.” Periodically I will post part of a project for you to read and comment on.

After you have read the posting, the questions I’d like you to answer are:

  • Is it interesting/entertaining enough that I should finish the piece?

  • Specifically, why do you like or dislike it.

  • Any other comments you want to make.

   I need your honesty. I promise I won’t be angry at you or sad. None of my writing projects is my “baby.” You are the audience, the ones to be pleased.

                                                                                 I hope you all will participate! Thank you.


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