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The Valentine Symphony

… music was the thread that wove their hearts together.


The Valentine Symphony is about life, love, and a reason to get up every day.

Millie enjoys life with her friends at Sunny Hills Retirement Community. Until Jack shows up one night.

Millie’s granddaughter Vicki is still grieving over her unfaithful fiancé.

 Music is the unexpected catalyst that brings new life and love to both women.   

The Valentine Symphony was inspired by an experience a few years ago at the Dallas Symphony.

"The story is deeply moving with an element of suspense that urged me to keep turning the next page, the next chapter, rushing me on to the conclusion. I am hungry for more."   Linda Kay Upton, author of     "Brick by Brick", and "Beauty from Ashes"




 Available in print from author (see contact page).             Amazon and other booksellers in print and ebook.



The Inspiration for The Valentine Symphony

 The Valentine Symphony began as a way to answer questions that continued to haunt me after I witnessed an unexpected drama at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, Texas, on February 13, 2007.

My friend, Monica Varnell, called me that dark, cold, rainy night and begged me to take her place at the performance. She’d planned to go but was too sick. I didn’t want to drive all the way to downtown Dallas from my suburban home on such a wretched night. However, my grandson Brandon, a sixth-grader, played the tuba and I thought it would be a good experience for him.

During the introduction to “Big Band Valentine,” the conductor invited the mostly white-haired audience to dance.  Shortly after the music began, the aisles and other open spaces were packed. Among the couples was a tiny, elderly woman in a red blazer. She danced alone with her eyes closed and her arms in the air as if dancing with someone she loved. As she shuffled around the floor, I wondered: who was her invisible partner? A beloved husband now disabled? A lost lover from World War Two? What was her story?

Several songs into the program a man with a ponytail returned his partner to her seat then went back up the aisle to the little lady and tapped her shoulder. She smiled and danced into his arms. Immediately the concert hall thundered as two thousand people jumped to their feet and clapped and cheered and stomped. When the next song began, a man with a fringe of white hair circling his bald head replaced the ponytailed fellow as the onlookers continued to stand and applaud. It was a poignant scene that all of us gray-heads could identify with in one way or another. The audience didn’t quiet down until the last guy escorted her to her seat.

After the program, I tried to forget about the little lady in the red blazer, but the questions wouldn’t let me go. So, I made up my own answers and wrote The Valentine Symphony.